Best advice a tenured author told me for when I feel stuck… don’t sweat the details, those can come later. Just be true to the characters and let them tell the story…

All because of a dream…

In late 2009, I spent the majority of my time off with a fantastic group of women, the Twilight Moms. We would spend hours on the forums, talking about everything from books to kids to work etc… One forum thread asked if anyone had ever had a dream about one of the characters or the actors playing them. Eventually, I did. I sat there, and wrote my dream out exactly how I had seen it in my mind. I wrote the dialogue and details of the environment, everything. A couple days later, I received a private message, asking if I’d ever written anything, or ever considered trying to. I told her that I had thought about it many years ago, that I get these stories that play out in my mind like a movie. She said my dream felt like it could have a story behind it, and encouraged me to try telling it. It turned out, that woman was a book reviewer for a popular magazine. I figured, what did I have to lose? I sat down, and many hours later, my dream, walking in on a much older Jacob Black, who was bouncing around my living room with a small purple plastic guitar in his hands, with my then 8-year old daughter… was now a few chapters long, and already several thousand words. Amid personal and health issues, it took me 2 1/2 years to complete that book. Along the way, I was accepted into the RWA (Romance Writer’s of America Association), and on a dare from a fellow author, wrote a much much steamier story which was published in 2012 under the pen-name, Heather Spencer.

Fast forward to 2020. Eleven years after first having that dream, it’s about to be published. I have three works in progress I divide my time amongst, when the characters feel like talking to me, but you can bet when they’re done, you’re going to be taken on a journey with men, women and children who are walking through the fire, and just trying to make it to the other side with as few scars as possible. I don’t necessarily choose easy topics to write about, but with even a little bit of Love, anything is possible, and I can’t wait to be the one to “Tell The Story”!

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