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Being a full figured woman doesn’t automatically mean a death sentence to your love life. Kari Mackenzie hasn’t learned that lesson yet. The thirty-one year old mother of an outspoken eight year old has only ever experienced the worst from men. Except when it comes to Taylor Hayden, her twenty-six year old neighbor slash babysitter.

Taylor Hayden knows the human body, about 18,000 medical terms and every song Hannah Montana has ever performed. He could have his pick of the girls that throw themselves at him… if he could just live knowing they only want the status of becoming a Doctor’s wife, his step-father’s money, or to show off his good looks like a prized Yorkie.

He’s weeks away from graduating, and moving to another state for his residency. He doesn’t have long to convince Kari that he really has fallen for his girl next door, and isn’t trying to amend guilt from his own abusive past.